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Trying out the new formatted page at wordpress 3.0 beta test

This is Bold.

Center text in the middle of the page makes it possible to type away at will until the text wraps around.  After a while you have two lines of text and can tell how long the next line is going to be, and what it will look like, at 3 lines.

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The Education Revolution

A revival is taking place in education, at a time when funding sources are dwindling and more people than ever struggle make ends meet.

The good news is, that it’s easier than ever to access information. Thanks to sites like :Http://YouTube.com/Khanacademy which has delivered as of this post  14,739,825 online lessons for free

community organizers are democratizing education… and evangelists are teaching people how to access that information and build lesson plans that are interactive.

What I like about this, is that  people that can’t actually educate, can facilitate. You no longer have to know calculus to facilitate learning about calculus. If you can’t actually help your children, your constituents, or your community as an educator, because you don’t know enough about the subject matter yourself, you can teach vicariously.

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“you are driven by what you want to create”- @ev

Trust is earned through deep listening, responding with respect, acting responsibly with honor, walking your talk, participating in online conversations, following through, being available and allowing everyone to have access and interaction with your company. Without trust, your business will have no longevity.

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